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At Quadrant Lifts Ltd, we know that many lifts in businesses throughout the Midlands and surrounding areas aren’t up-to-date with modern technology. This can mean lifts with slower speeds, crackly intercoms, worn-out paddings, and much more that affects the overall standard of your business. Fortunately, we’re your one-stop shop for lift modernisation, offering a wide range of services to help improve the overall quality and functionality of your lift. Give us a call today and find out exactly how we can help you.
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Fully equipped fabrication workshop

We have a fully equipped fabrication workshop, able to construct bespoke parts and components that will improve your lift’s performance and keep it working at its best. All services and components we use comply with British Standards, meeting your insurance policy requirements.

Our lift modernisation service

Our qualified team will inspect your lift facilities and provide a free, no-obligation quote on how to improve the functionality and quality of your lift. At Quadrant Lifts Ltd, we’ll happily discuss in detail any modification requirements you may need.

What our lift modernisation service can improve

  • Lift control panel systems
  • Enhancements to ride quality, reliability
  • Aesthetic enhancements to entrances and interiors
  • Lift re-levelling
  • Lift speed
  • Lift intercom systems
  • Lift car top control systems
  • Emergency alarm systems
  • Lift auto diallers
  • Protective padded drapes and hooks
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Lift Repairs

Lift Repairs

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Lift Maintenance Contracts

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Emergency lift repairs

Lift intercom systems

Lift intercom systems

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Lift lighting

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Bespoke lift equipment

Bespoke lift equipment

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Has your lift become slow and out-of-date?
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